Research degrees

We offer MSc and PhD degrees in bioinformatics. Depending on the topic and supervisor, students may be based in Wits Bioinformatics, or with one of the Wits schools which we work with (e.g., Human genetics, Molecular Medicine, Computer Science, Molecular and Cell Biology, Electrical Engineering, Statistics.)

Honours degree

We offer an Honours degree in bioinformatics. Depending on background, students will register either on Computer Science or Molecular & Cell Biology. Students who are interested in this option should consult the Director. Students in several schools across both faculties may also take bioinformatics research projects.

Formal Courses

We teach introductory bioinformatics courses in three honours programmes in the faculties of Science and Health Science.

A topic in computational molecular biology is taught in Computer Science honours and is available to other students in the mathematical sciences.

From 2014, an undergraduate course will be available too.

Undergraduate Degrees

We  do not offer an undergraduate degree in bioinformatics, as we believe the best preparation for a bioinformaticist is a solid background in either a biological or mathematical science subject. Genetics and computer science or statistics are excellent subjects to major in. For students majoring in Computer Science or Statistics, try to fit Introductory Life Sciences I, Molecular and Cell Biology IIB (MCBG2032) and Chemistry I into yoru curriculum if you can. 


More information

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