H3A/GSK's Africa's Open NCD Lab Project on Variations in the ADME Genes in African Populations

Call for collaboration

Although based at Wits, this is a collaborative H3A project with collaborators across the consortium. The data has been available by most of the PIs of the H3A projects and we seek to have particpants from several H3A groups.

Currently we seek the following participants:

Postdoctoral Fellow

This position will be based at Wits and will focus on the structural bionformatics. A set of interesting variants found in African populations will be identifiied and modelled using in silico techniques. Further information can be found here.. We will start considering applications from 18 February 2018.

MSc positions

We seek several MSc candidates. We particularly seek candidates from African countries other than South Africa. At least one position will be funded, and we are open to start date depending on area of interest. If you are interested, please send a query to Scott Hazelhurst (scott.hazelhurst@wits.ac.za). While it is likely that this position will be based at Wits, we are open to discussions of possible co-supervision and registration elsewhere.


There will be opportunities for researchers across the H3A to become involved in this project, in the same way that other collaborative projects have been run (e.g., the H3A Population Study project, the Chip design project and so on). Researchers who are interested should complete Google form below. Researchers may indicate which aspect of the project that they would like to be involved in. We would like to involve people from several H3A groups, although there are some capacity constraints. Volunteers will have to commit a mimimum number of 160 hours to the project during the year. If you are interested, please complete this form by 18 February 2018.


We will be offering several internships over the next two years, aimed at students or early postdocs, to spend short periods of times at Wits. Separate calls will be made later.